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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 95, Darren Koontz

We're still stuck with the Bronco D-line as we continue our countdown to the opener. Not a great place to be stuck if you want to get to the buffet table.

We've got 95 days until a Bronco storm hits East today we'll be taking a look at #95 on the Bronco roster—Darren Koontz

#95, Darren Koontz, Senior, DT/DE



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 280 lbs.

High School: Los Alamitos High School, Los Alamitos, CA

How'd he get to The Blue™?

By following past Bronco luminaries like Jeremy Childs, Orlando Scandrick, and Quinton Jones. Los Alamitos has been good to the Broncos in the last few years and coach John Barnes is more than happy to send his standouts down Boise way. Koontz was named honorable mention All-Sunset League as both a junior and senior, and Los Alamitos' Defensive Player of the Year during his time there, leading the Broncos and Air Force to extend scholarship branches. Koontz chose the Broncos and redshirted in 2008.



In German, Künstler means "artist" American, Koontzler means nothing.



Dan Paul (if Dan Paul was physically capable of smiling)

Career Highlights

Given "Ultimate Blue Blood Award" for being the most dedicated red-shirt in 2008. Played in 13 games in 2009. Played in 9 games in 2011, registering 5 tackles.

Imaginary Highlight

Koontz has accurately predicted the winner of the BOE copier race for 22 consecutive games.

2012 Prospectus

Better late than never. That has to be Koontz's mantra as he enters his senior season with the Broncos. After a promising freshman campaign and being singled out for his hard work, Koontz missed an entire season to a broken foot—an injury that opened the door for Tyrone Crawford to play immediately in 2010...a spot that he never fully relinquished to Koontz. Well, now the shoe is somewhat on the other (non-broken) foot as Tyrone Crawford's departure may be what finally gives Koontz his first real shot at a Bronco starring role. This year, a rejuvenated Koontz looks to slide over from tackle to end, and in his first big test at the position—the Bronco Spring Game—made sure the coaching staff won't regret the move. Koontz was one of the stars of the Blue and Orange game, logging a sack and a blocked PAT and showing that he's determined to make his last year with the Broncos his best. Koontz only has 15 career tackles (tallied in 2009 and 2011), but he should easily eclipse his career mark this year alone as he'll likely compete with Tyler Horn and possibly Sam Ukwuachu to line up opposite yesterday's highlightee Demarcus Lawrence. Koontz might be the most experienced D-lineman on the entire squad right now, so his presence on the field will be a boon to the squad from a depth and leadership standpoint. I certainly can't speculate about any postseason honors for Koontz, but he's hungry this year and knows the standard for D-line play has been set. Classic recipe for a great year.

Completely made up fact

When Darren's broken foot was surgically repaired in 2010, rather than opting for titanium screws, the surgeon gave Darren a choice between fictional metals adamantium or vibranium. Clearly, I would have chosen adamantium...but Koontz's patriotic side kicked in and he went with vibranium. "If it's good enough for the's good enough for me," Darren was heard to say.