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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 97, Elliot Hoyte

If you've got Memorial weekend plans...cancel them, the countdown is gaining steam.

We've got just 97 days until a Bronco storm hits East Lansing, but #97 has yet to be officially assigned on the Bronco roster, so here's my best guess—Elliot Hoyte

#97, Elliot Hoyte, Freshman, DT



Height: 6'4"

Weight: 275 lbs.

High School: Ivybridge Community College, Tavistock, England

How'd he get to The Blue™?

On most teams, the guy from the UK would easily have travelled the furthest distance to join the squad. Boise State obviously isn't most teams, as a full two players (Geraldo Boldewijn and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe) racked up more frequent flier miles to get to The Blue™. Still, Eliot Hoyte is a long way from home, but may be more experienced in the American game than his aforementioned Dutch counterparts. Hoyte, the son of Nigel Hoyte—a former world league player for the London Monarchs—has grown up around the American game, even in the land of soccer and cricket. He somehow found his way to a Boise State football camp through an association with Chase Baker, who played rugby in some events in the UK. The Broncos liked the cut of his jib, and I suppose the rest is history.


"Sir Elliot"

Hey, they knighted Elton John, why not Mr. Hoyte?



Ex-Bronco Jerard Rabb

Career highlights

Getting his "Bronco Green Card" is certainly a highlight. Hoyte was also first team All-Europe at defensive end.

Imaginary highlight

Hoyte recorded every tackle in a 2010 game against Devonshire, including 3 for loss during the half-time tea break.

2012 prospectus

Hoyte is a very intriguing prospect for the Broncos as he can play defensive end or tackle. He's also intriguing because no one knows a thing about him. Depending on who you ask, Hoyte is either "...the best defensive end prospect (Bronco coaches have) seen in 10 years" or he's "raw as they come" and a lock to play DT. Physically, Hoyte looks a lot like Tyrone Crawford...the 2 year Canadian star drafted in the 3rd round by Dallas. His game, however, is probably closer to his pal Chase Baker's. Both were steeped in rugby, something that makes me think that Hoyte will likely stay at DT. Rugby players are very sound tacklers and are used to moving the piles...I think Hoyte adds a bit more bulk to his frame and starts competing immediately for a spot on the depleted Bronco D-line. Yesterday, I offered that Jeff Worthy is a top candidate a spot on level 2 of the DT rotation, and I'd have to say that Robert Ash and Hoyte are probably his top rivals in the race. Let's be honest...there is a definite learning curve that can hold back foreign imports unfamiliar with the American game—unless, of course their physical gifts can negate that process. I believe Hoyte has those gifts, but he'll likely be moving to the interior D-line, which once again throws that balance off. At any rate, Hoyte will be a fun one to watch this Fall to see if he can buck the odds. Lord knows we could use the depth.

Completely made up fact

American football, while not extremely popular in the UK, does have a small, rabid following. The rules are largely the same, but the uniforms are decidedly different: