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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-25-12

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Larry Scott says Plus One model back on the table

The Pac 12 commissioner went on the record yesterday to say that the Plus One model is back on the table and being discussed. That would mean all bowl games stay the same and 2 teams are picked to play after the bowl games are finished. Sound awesome? Thought not. Now I doubt this would happen after all the talk and momentum to an actual playoff. So somebody just tell Larry no. Thanks, Jason.

Big East TV contract could be a lot lower than expected

Of course it could be higher than the deal Big East schools rejected last year too. There's definitely a chance that the contract could be on the low end, but nobody really knows. And everyone keeps bringing up the deal last year that was rejected. I wish we had more details on it because I would think there would have been an out for ESPN built in if conference membership changes. In that case the deal would have been renegotiated anyways.

Big East and ACC bowl game?

That's what the Georgia Tech AD hinted at. Anything sounds good to us Boise State plans after being relegated to the Las Vegas Bowl for the last 2 years.

The Big East has a song

South Florida's blog Voodoo Five found the song. Somebody get the Boise State band on it quick!

College football endowment ideas

Now these are some good ideas for trolling.