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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-23-12

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Big East championship game to be held on campus

That is what is being discussed at the Big East meetings this week. The "best" team of the two division winners will host the game. They are discussing tiebreakers if the 2 teams have the same record. They are also throwing out the idea of divisions not based on geography. The Big East also favors a champions only model for the FBS playoff and a formula based system and not a committee to determine the top 4 teams. But as Dan Wetzel points out, the Big East should really be pushing for an 8 team model. But it's probably too late for that this time around.

Robb Akey talks to the Sporting News about Idaho's situation

He sat down with Steve Greenburg and spoke openly and honestly on how he feels about the demise of the WAC. I actually felt for the guy a little bit. However, it's not the end of football for Idaho if they drop to the FCS and go to the Big Sky. I get that Akey wants to be an FBS coach, but it's not like he is going to lose his job for moving to the FCS. Yes this makes his job harder but it's not the end of the world.

Mountain lion killed near Boise State student union

The mountain lion was seen near/in a dumpster next to the building when police officers killed it. Make sure to pack your taser everyone.

Happy Birthday

I want to wish a very special happy birthday to my wife Megan and also to current player Hunter White. She is going to be so stoked to learn that she shares a birthday with a Boise State player!