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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-22-12

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Mark Coyle and Craig Thompson issue contradictory statements on Boise State and the MWC

So AD Mark Coyle is down in Florida for the Big East meetings this week and could not duck the media. When asked about any discussions between Boise State and the MWC, Coyle responded with a simple "no". Well Craig Thompson then decided to refute that by saying that Boise State and the MWC did in fact have conversations and that Boise State has not officially withdrawn from the MWC yet. Oh boy. At least everyone can agree that Boise State still intends to join the Big East so nothing to see here.

Titus Young told to not show up for voluntary OTA's

Young had apparently gotten into a fight with Louis Delmas during a voluntary practice last week and then sucker punched him when he wasn't looking. Not good at all. Hopefully Titus can turn his attitude around.

Kevan sits down (figuratively) with blog Big West Confidential to answer some questions

The blog is run by our very own greekpadre. Kevan only makes one misstep in his answers and that's placing Chick-Fil-A below Dairy Queen. The Blizzard reigns supreme, but I have to say that the depth and quality of Chick-Fil-A's menu out weighs Dairy Queen's on the whole. Yeah, I said it.


Happy birthday to readers lifelongbronco and toywrecker! So, what did you two get for your birthdays?