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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-16-12

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Big West to "entertain" the idea of Boise State joining

They sent a new membership assessment tool to Boise State. It supposedly helps the Big West gather information about a prospective school. Commissioner Dennis Farrell did say that there was more openness to the idea of Boise State joining this year than last year. Also an interesting note, Hawaii is paying travel subsidies to the Big West. That is surely something that Boise State could do if they get the big payday from the Big East like expected.

Commentary: Lions need Kellen Moore on 53 man roster

Here's a commentary piece from Adam Biggers at Yahoo Sports. He argues that the Lions need to have 3 QB's on their roster and that Kellen Moore should be the third QB. Ultimately I have to believe that this is what the Lions will do. I'm sure coach Jim Schwartz just refuses to commit to anything so early and wants to keep his options open.

LeGarrette Blount feels very confident in his own abilities (HT: blue4areason)

Blount told the Tampa Bay Times that "no one can affect my carries but me." I guess it doesn't hurt to have that kind of confidence when you play in the NFL, but the reality is that Doug Martin can sure affect your carries as well as a Tampa Bay front office that used a first round pick on Martin. Doug was held out of practice on Tuesday for a slight hamstring strain but I'm sure he'll be back soon to affect Blount's carries.

Home games supposedly nixed for playoffs

It's times like these I just have to remind myself that the fact a 4 team playoff is imminent is progress enough and not get worked up by all the stupid decisions they make surrounding that.