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People's Champion 2012: The case for the Pat Forde


Last year, I successfully argued for then-ESPN talking head Pat Forde to be named the People's Champion. Now, I find my self pleading his case again, although a change of venue was requested and I'll no longer be making my case from Bristol, Connecticut. Pat Forde left the worldwide leader last November in the wake of Feldmangate (NOT the name of Corey Feldman's new band) and is now covering sundry collegiate sports at everyone's second favorite search engine and sportsworld whistleblower, Yahoo(!). While Forde may have been stripped of his ESPN credentials upon departure, he was able to sneak out the keys to his favorite mass transit conveyance...the Boise State #BUS (that there tic-tac-toe looking doohicky is a "hashtag"...for you non-twitter folk). Frankly, as long as Forde continues to drive the Boise State bus, he'll be tough to beat as People's Champ. I'll explain more after the jump.

Forde's dream run at ESPN was ending just around the time Boise State's second straight dream season was evaporating at the end of a placekicker's leg, but as soon as he'd unpacked his bags at Yahoo! Sports, he went right back to diligently driving the bus, and driving discussions about why Boise State still belonged in a BCS game. And it wasn't just left over contrarianism from his days of playing devil's advocate on ESPN—Forde genuinely seems to have a soft spot for the Broncos...and honestly, we needed a friend last year (and some Xanax).

When December came and the Broncos predictably got stuck in a second-tier bowl game against a second-tier opponent—Forde told everyone that would listen that the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl was one of the "must-watch" games of the postseason. So, why'd Forde blow that horn when even some amongst us were less than enthused about facing the Sun Devils? Because it was another opportunity to see some Boise State magic, why else? See, Forde makes his money discussing title implications and BCS politics just like everyone else...but when others quickly forget about the Broncos if, say, a one-point loss leaves them out of the BCS picture altogether—Forde still sees the thrill in watching a "fun" team beat the tar out of a Pac-10 also-ran...just like us.

So, for seeing the Broncos through lenses at least a smidge blue and orange, I'm still giving my vote for People's Champ to columnist Pat Forde—I trust you'll see it that way as well and vote accordingly.

I rest my case.