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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-14-12

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Shea McClellin adjusting to the Bears quite nicely

Shea is in the middle of his rookie mini camp with the Bears and has integrated well into defensive coordinator Rob Marinelli's drills. Apparently coach Pete Kwiatkowski visited the Lions in 2008 when Marinelli was coaching there and incorporated a lot of his drills into Boise State practices.

How a 24 team playoff would have looked in the FBS

Take a look at some of those match ups. I mean, what part of that would not be awesome. Maybe in a few more rounds of TV negotiations we'll be there. article on Kellen Moore looking to prove the naysayers wrong (HT: Tbone)

Good to see that Kellen is still getting some attention after not be drafted. Although it is not a lock that he'll make the 53 man roster, but I have a feeling Detroit isn't ready to just have 2 QB's on the roster quite yet.

Kyle Efaw signs with the Oakland Raiders for three years

Efaw attended their rookie mini camp on a tryout and left with a contract. I'm curious to see how much is guaranteed for Efaw but any contract after going undrafted is great.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to former Bronco Jarrell Root. Hope you have a great birthday down in Miami and keep up the hard work for the Dolphins.