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People's Champion 2012: The case for the Idaho State Board of Education

Though committees and bureaucracy and bulk red tape typically send Bronco fans into pit sweats of BCS bids won and lost, the nomination of the bureaucratic red-tape committee Idaho State Board of Education for Boise State's People's Champion award is one exception I am happy to make. Did you see what they did to the University of Idaho?!

The SBOE, as it's known to its friends, wielded its absolute power earlier this year to remove the designation of "flagship university" from the University of Idaho's mission statement.

This actually happened. You did not dream it. People voted and everything.

That an objective, respected board of brilliant men and women would see fit to remove complimentary adjectives from Idaho's elevator pitch is oh but the frosting on top their ice cream cake of Boise State love. To wit, the SBOE approves increases to Coach Pete's salary at seemingly ever board meeting, despite pleas from Idaho Statesman commenters who maintain, monosyllabically, something along the lines of WHERE ARE UR PRIORITIES. The Bronco Stadium expansion project, under the watchful eye of the SBOE, continues to fly over its construction hurdles thanks to the state board's big rubber stamp. And I hear that every SBOE meeting begins with alternating sides of the table shouting "Boise!" and "State!" and then high fiving each other.

Unless I'm mistaken, the SBOE is a raging Boise State fan.

The People's Champion award was created to acknowledge the people and entities that serve to further the cause of Boise State and stand up for what Bronco fans stand for. Welp, 1) we love Coach Pete, 2) we want a 50,000-seat horseshoe stadium, and 3) we think the University of Idaho is a giant rear end. Nearest I can tell, the SBOE is on board with all those things.

The SBOE is deserving of the title. I can't wait to see what they do next.

ed's note: The Idaho State Board of Education is one of four nominees for this year's Bronco Nation People's Champion. A new hero will be crowned on Friday. Vote below, and express your love in the comments.