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Bronco Nation's People's Champion intro: Hooray for these guys!

People's Champion 2012
People's Champion 2012

Finding someone who loves and cares and sets up Google Alerts for Boise State as much as you and I do is nigh an impossible task. But where our white-hot affection ends, mutual respect and admiration begins, and that's where we find this year's batch of People's Champion nominees. These people love the Broncos with their metaphorical inside voices, writing pro-BSU stories and making pro-BSU decisions and fighting for pro-BSU causes. The People's Champion is our Bizarro Public Enemy. Let's pick ourselves a good one.

  • Yahoo columnist Pat Forde, defending champion and Bronco #bus driver
  • Idaho State Board of Education, venerable state institution and Vandal troller
  • Dan Wetzel, face of the playoff movement, last name rhymes with "pretzel"
  • To be determined, in the comments, by you

Throughout the week, I'll be making the case why each of the above candidates (including TBD) deserve the title of People's Champion. And you decide, by popular reader vote, who takes home the title. Each candidate's story will have a straw poll at the end where you can rate your fondness for the nominee. Fondness points will be tallied, and come Friday we will have our hero.

Take to the comments to tell me who should be added to the nominee list. Good luck and a big hug to all the nominees.