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Freebie Friday: Name your second-favorite sport, win a highlights DVD

Real football will not return to fill our lives with joy and wonder until August, leaving football-mad you and me to bide our offseason with other sports. Or we could hibernate like bears.

Certainly the sports world does not stop spinning just because the college football news cycle has slowed to a brisk jog. The NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing. Baseball is 1/16th of the way into its season. And someone, somewhere is probably playing soccer and playing it in front of thousands of rabid fans who are not Americans. All these sporting options bring up an interesting question.

What is your second-favorite sport? When you can't have football to warm your soul, where do you turn?

Share your answer in the comments, and one lucky, random commenter will win a Boise State 2011 highlights DVD, courtesy of OBNUG and some out-of-town friends who snagged me an extra copy at the BSU spring game. Winner will be picked Monday morning, so comment early and often.

My favorite sports go like this: football (duh), hockey, soccer (US men's national team, mostly), anything Olympic-related, basketball, and baseball. If ESPN's Outdoor Games were still alive, I would have to rethink large parts of this list.

How about you? What is your second-favorite sport behind football? Or if football isn't your favorite sport, what is? Share your thoughts in the comments. Good luck, and happy weekend.