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Conspiracy? Stadium surreptitiously Vandal-ized.

First off, let me apologize for my scarcity of late. Springtime this year brought with it a much-needed vacation and returning from vacation brought with it a (apparently) much-deserved mountain of work. That'll teach me to go to Disneyland.

Now...back to the task at hand—a conspiracy so large that I can't even think of a proper analogy for it (plus, I'm lazy). It involves intrigue, evil, and the very literal foundations of Bronco Stadium. To put it more succinctly: the movie rights are being shopped and Nicolas Cage is 'very' interested. You're just going to have to believe me, you guys—the lid is blown clean off after the jump.

So, as many of you know—Bronco Stadium is undergoing some upgrades right now in conjuction with Dona Larsen Park being built across Broadway. Most notably, the track is being removed to make way for the phase 2 stadium expansion and a new super set of south endzone bleachers is being installed that promises to connect the east and west concourses. I'd be more enthusiastic if they were tearing down that pathetic jumbotron to replace it with one the size of Kuna, but I digress.

Last week, some intrepid internet types over at posted some top secret construction photos from inside Bronco Stadium, and well, quite frankly—the results are shocking.


No, it's not shocking how dirty they allowed that patch of blue turf to get, but rather what's at the bottom right corner of said turf. Look closely.


Now enhance.



I'd have been less shocked if they'd unearthed Jimmy Hoffa. What is that doing HERE? More importantly, where were the Knights Templar that were supposed to be guarding the hallowed grounds of Bronco Stadium when this was allowed to be etched into the earth? I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this goes beyond bad juju. This is the reason we lost the TCU game last year and the reason for the every natural disaster in the last 25 years (the TCU loss qualifying as same). If you're an engineer or construction worker, please give me a rational explanation for this, otherwise I'm going to continue to assume that it was done by hooded pagans from Moscow during a secret ceremony on the Winter Solstice.

My world is crashing down all around me, Inception style.