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Freebie Friday: Spring football Blizzards

A week from today, I will be publishing opuses previewing the Boise State spring game, and you will be busy setting up your RV on residential roads outside Bronco Stadium so you're first in line for those free highlights DVDs. We are creatures of habit, what can I say?

In honor of the impending spring game and the somewhat tangential fact that Blizzards are delicious, here is this week's Freebie Friday giveaway.

Leave a comment with the Boise State player you are most looking forward to seeing at the spring game next Saturday. Also, name your favorite Blizzard flavor.

Winner gets a gift certificate to Dairy Queen, good for a free anything you want - but let's be serious, you're going to buy a Blizzard. I will choose one comment randomly on Monday morning. Only those comments with both a Boise State player and a Blizzard flavor will be eligible, so if you don't have a favorite Blizzard or if you're one of those anarchists who love Frosties more, just make something up.

I'll break the ice. The player I'm most looking forward to seeing this spring is Jimmy Laughrea, and my favorite Blizzard flavor is Oreo. Were I to see Jimmy Laughrea eating an Oreo Blizzard at the spring game, well, that would just be the best.