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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-6-12

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The Mtn channel to shut down on May 31. Where will Boise State football games go?

The news of The Mtn.'s demise was met with dancing in the streets by a lot of fans who found The Mtn. to be lacking in production quality and professionalism or just plain never found The Mtn. at all. But lest we forget, The Mtn. - despite its flaws and Todd Christensen word vomit - was nowhere near as bad as the WAC Sports Network, and it's hard to hate on a channel that gave us more Bronco football and basketball than we're used to getting.

Now the question becomes: What happens to Boise State football's TV coverage (to say nothing of Boise State basketball coverage)? The Broncos had three games on The Mtn. last year. Some games will move to the Mountain West's other contracted TV schedules, and others could be picked up by local TV stations. You know what that means, right? More Mark Johnson and Tom Scott in our lives!


Andy Staples thinks the BCS might have one good idea in its random pile of postseason options

Pairing teams in big bowls based on interesting matchups rather than conference affiliation is intriguing. I mean, er, that's a horrible idea! (Reverse psychology because BCS officials totally read this blog.)

Green Bay Packers seriously into Shea McClellin

So much so that the local paper wrote 1,500 words on him. Of note: McClellin used to rehabilitate orphaned baby skunks, and he models his football playing after former New England linebacker Mike Vrabel. Fun facts for your NFL Draft party.

First 5,000 fans at the Spring Game get a free 2011 highlights DVD

Did someone say "camp out"?

Sports Illustrated breaks down the best games of opening weekend

Boise State - Michigan State makes the cut, obviously. And the only other game of note that Friday is NC State versus Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic. Doesn't sound quite as classic as last year.

Uniform watch: SB Nation's parody of rejected NFL uniforms

My favorite is after the jump, along with your April 6 birthdays.


Happy birthday

Birthday greetings to former Boise State player Cedric Febis, current Boise State player Jeff Worthy, and OBNUG reader freshbreff. May all your birthday wishes come true.

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