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A survival guide to the Boise State football offseason

At perhaps no other time during the calendar year except when your team plays a pre-Christmas bowl game, the offseason has never felt longer than it does today. There are nearly four full months until the Broncos take the field against Michigan State. A person can fit in a lot of soul-searching and field-goal regretting in that time.

But take heart. Tomorrow the football season is one day closer.

And the Boise State football offseason is somewhat of an oxymoron anyway, what with conference upheaval and playoff talk and inscrutable couch hopping. Before the Broncos kick off against the Spartans, we already have these dates set in our stone calendars:

  • Mountain West media days - July 24, 25
  • Boise State Fall Camp opens - August 4

We will find things to talk about and bide the time. We always do.

Which brings me to my next point: What could OBNUG possibly have to talk about every single weekday between now and August 31? Well, I am nothing if not wordy, and that wordiness will manifest itself in a lot of weird, wacky ways. Between now and August, the OBNUG team will name a new People's Champion (or the same People's Champion again) and a new Public Enemy No. 1 (or the same one). Drew will embark on his glorious 100-day countdown (sooner than you think). There will be more roundtables than you can imagine, and more roundtables about quarterbacks than you asked for. I'll break down the new Boise State offense, I'll wake Mr. Fiskers from his kitty condo, and I'll debut a really sweet new series that I think you all will find awesome and historically relevant.

What am I missing? Here is your opportunity to tell me what kind of content things you want to see on the blog between now and August. I'm all ears, at least the parts of me that aren't typing fingers. Whatever you want to see, leave your suggestion in the comments, and I'll throw it onto the content roulette wheel.

We'll make it through the offseason together, Bronco friends. Football is just around the corner (that corner way, way over there).