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Boise State spring practice report: Broncos return from spring break

The Boise State Broncos resumed to spring practice today after a week off for spring break during which Nick Patti saw his first mountain, Gabe Linehan added squiggly underlines to his "Wild One" underarm tattoo, and Joe Kellogg worked to remove his farmer's tan but somehow only managed to make it worse. Now for football news.

Blake Renaud continued his spring of interceptions, nabbing another one in this morning's helmets-only practice. By Chadd Cripe's count, that's at least three this spring, and by my count, that's at least a billion because I'm not invited to spring practice and can only make up my numbers.

Bob Gregory on Boise State's depth chart at linebacker: "The top three guys right now are Tommy Smith, Blake Renaud, and J.C. Percy."

Bob Gregory on Blake Renaud's apparent case of turnover vertigo : "We're excited that he made the interception and didn't fall down."

Cripe reported that Sam Ukwuachu and Geraldo Boldewijn continue to impress. So the answer for who is this year's Geraldo Boldewijn appears to be Geraldo Boldewijn.

T-minus 11 days and counting until the spring game. Clear your calendars for Saturday, April 14, at 5:00 p.m.