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College football will have a playoff? College football will have a playoff!

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Though it is not the 16-team tournament that sane America craves, the college football powers-that-be have decided that a playoff system is indeed a pretty grand idea and are moving forward with plans to begin a four-team tourney by 2014.

How does this affect the Boise State Broncos? No longer does BSU need to get into the Top Two to have a chance at a national championship. Now, the top four will be good enough, and getting to the top four will be much easier when playing a Big East schedule devoid of New Mexicos and UNLVs.

The final details of the four-team playoff have yet to be decided as the BCS has narrowed it down to several four-team varieties, probably including Jim Delany's three-Big-Ten-teams-and-Stanford suggestion. Expect official word of the playoff to land sometime later this offseason at which point heaven and earth will throw a giant rave party to celebrate the downfall of mythical national champions and computer tyrants.

Death to the BCS, and long live whatever it is that takes its place. Today is a good day.