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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-25-12

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BCS talks: semifinal games on home campuses and conference champions only all but dead

At least that's what a source tells Both of these are obviously the work of the SEC. They don't want to have to send a team to a cold weather destination like Ann Arbor or Columbus in December or January. But they have couched it as what would happen if TCU was to host a semifinal game in a 45,000 seat stadium? Answer: it would be just fine. Better a full 45,000 seat stadium than a half empty 100,000 seat stadium.

On the other issue, obviously the SEC will fight tooth and nail to have 2 teams eligible for the top 4. The good news on all of this is that a 4 team playoff still seems inevitable and that is still progress.

August 31st at 8 p.m. EDT set as start of Boise State - Michigan State opener

So make your reservations now wherever that may be, the local BW3's, the RAM or plane tickets to Detroit.

Full mock draft by Chad Reuter at

This was quite the undertaking but very interesting. He has Shea McClellin going in the first round to the Packers, Doug Martin going to the Buccaneers in the second round, Billy Winn going to the Packers in the second round, Tyrone Crawford going to the Colts in the fourth round, George Iloka going to the Seahawks in the fourth round, Nate Potter going to the Falcons in the sixth round, and the Saints picking up Kellen Moore in the seventh round. What happened to Nate Potter? Wasn't he considered a first to second round pick at one time?