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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 4-24-12

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Tyrone Crawford expected to go in round 3 of draft

And he might be the third Boise State defensive linemen to be drafted at that point. Meanwhile, everyone seems to still love Shea McClellin, especially Mike Mayok. Thursday night should be interesting to see where he ends up going.

Boise State basketball to visit Creighton next season

Nothing says the Christmas season like a visit to Nebraska! The game is part of the MWC's scheduling agreement with the Missouri Valley Conference. Now when does the Big East deal become final?

Brian Murphy asks if Kellen Moore will be the first Boise State QB to play in an NFL game

I say yes. Now who's going to say no?

Emmitt Smith's mock draft

Now Emmitt Smith didn't really do a mock draft, but let's all sit back, put on our imagination station caps and just play along. It will be a good time for all!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to current player and rising start Dillon Lukehart!