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Play Boise State NFL Draft Pick 'Em, a game I just invented

McShay - Kiper Pick Em
McShay - Kiper Pick Em

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday night (6:00 p.m. MT, ESPN and NFLN and, and as many as seven Boise State footballers are expected to hear their names called over the three days of drafting. Which players will go where and when? No one can know for sure ... but let's pretend like we do.

Play Boise State NFL Draft Pick 'Em and place your picks on when and where the top seven Boise State NFL prospects will land. Points will be awarded every time you match a player with a round and/or team. Winner receives cash money (in the form of a gift card) from the BroncoShop.

Fill out the Pick 'Em form after the jump. You have until 6:00 on Thursday to make your picks. Happy picking.

(HT to bluebyeu for the Pick Em idea. Let's hope bluebyeu isn't gaming us all.)