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Ranking Boise State's NFL Draft prospects: Who goes next after Doug Martin?

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As many as seven Boise State football players are expected to be drafted by NFL teams later this month, which gives Bronco fans as good a reason as any to sit through Chris Berman's slightly senile schtick for three days and nights of draft watching. The Broncos could have at least one player get drafted each night: Doug Martin in the first round (if all the stars align properly and NFL GMs pull their heads out of their very cushy holes in the ground), four or five guys in Rounds Two through Three, and a certain all-time winningest quarterback in the bargain rounds.

Today's question: If Doug Martin is obviously the most likely Boise State player to go off the board first (as evidenced by several mock drafts), who will be next? Here is a projected order of drafting off the top of my very un-Kiper-like head.

1. Doug Martin. The man is a beast, and beasts tend to do pretty well at the next level.

2. Shea McClellin. Who saw this one coming? McClellin is one of the hottest prospects entering the draft, and his name is being floated as a possible second-round pick and a steal if he gets any lower.

3. George Iloka. If the free safety position had more value in the NFL, Iloka would be a sure-fire first rounder. As it is, the draft's best free safety will have to wait until Day Two.

4. Tyrone Crawford. NFL teams love them some potential, and nothing screams potential quite like "Canadian footballer."

5. Billy Winn. Time was, Winn would have been BSU's top Draft talent. He'll still make some team very happy.

6. Nate Potter. He projects as a guard at the next level, which is good for him but not necessarily for his draft stock.

7. Kellen Moore. I vehemently disagree with myself on this. Kellen Moore to the Dolphins at pick No. 8!

Your turn

What order do you see Boise State's stars being drafted? Who is next after Doug Martin? Share your thoughts in the comments.