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What to watch for at the Boise State football spring game

Tomorrow is the Boise State spring game and mankind's first look at the Bronco quarterback competition (or so it seems). I will be there, taking copious notes. You will be there, wondering who the creeper is taking copious notes. Mark Johnson will be there, seeking a Doug Harper interview.

There are tons o' storylines heading into tomorrow's spring game, and I'll get to them all in a moment. But first, the nitty-gritties.

  • When: Saturday at 5:00 p.m.
  • Where: Bronco Stadium
  • How much: $7.00, tickets available at the stadium box office; free parking
  • What you get if you push people aside in line: First 5,000 people receive a free 2011 Boise State highlights DVD
  • How you will know who's who: Download this numerical roster
  • Where to tune your Walkman: There is coverage on 670 KBOI

Now about those storylines ...

Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks! I don't need to tell you how nice it will finally be to get to see the four-way quarterback battle live and in person. Expect some opinions to be shared in the hours, days, and months immediately following.

No D.J. Harper. Lots of Drew Wright. Harper will not participate in tomorrow's scrimmage because he breaks easily, and Jay Ajayi will not participate because he's recovering from ACL surgery. So that leaves Drew Wright, the purported No. 2 back this fall, and benchwarmers Raphiel Lambert and Phillip Hogan, all 5'6" of him. Expect lots of passing.

Danger: We are all in the placekicking splash zone. Who knows which direction the field goals and extra points will go on Saturday, and I mean that quite literally because Boise State's kickers are struggling.

Jeremy Ioane Watch, circa 2012. We should all get a very good look at new strong safety Jeremy Ioane, someone we've been wanting to get a good look at for quite some time now. He should be starting alongside Lee Hightower, which is awesome in my mind and hopefully just as awesome on the field. Ioane is known for showing up bigger in scrimmages than he does in practices. I wouldn't know. I'm not invited to practices.

New defensive ends to ogle. Demarcus Lawrence and Sam Ukwuachu have been two of the most publicized names from spring ball so far, and now Bronco Nation gets to see what all the hype was about. Consider expectations raised beyond all reason.

No pressure, Faraji Wright (but seriously, there's a lot of pressure). The one empty spot on the Boise State offensive line has fallen to Wright for as long as he cares to keep it. How will he look tomorrow against a teriyaki-mad Bronco pass rush? It will be no worse than the third-best D-line pressure he will face all season.

Random scoring that you will have to explain at least eight times to the person next to you. The offense scores points with touchdowns and things, the defense scores points with turnovers and three-and-outs and sacks and stuff. Hopefully there is a chart at the scrimmage that explains it all.

Your turn

What are you most looking forward to at the scrimmage? Will you be in attendance? Want me to take copious notes about anyone in particular? Share your thoughts in the comments.