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Freebie Friday: Put a piece of Fiesta Bowl history on your keychain


Nothing says "one shining moment" quite like a Fiesta Bowl keychain with Paul J. Schneider's play-by-play call of Statue Left. Literally. Paul J. very nearly scream-rasps "one shining moment" while Jeff Caves hoots and hollers in teh background.

So with March Madness arriving next week, I thought it would be appropriate to give away the most exciting piece of Bronco swag that I have in the OBNUG prize closet: a Fiesta Bowl keychain.

To win it, leave a comment on this post explaining where you were when Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. I'll choose one random comment on Monday, and that person will be the winner. Your keys will never be cooler (or louder).

I was sitting in my apartment in Seattle when Ian Johnson scored the game-winning two-point conversion and Chris Myers scored his photobomb of an engagement. I very nearly turned the game off two or three times, most often after something dumb Jared Zabransky did. My wife of six months stayed up to watch the game with me and has remained married to me all this time despite my crazy-person jumping and shouting and flailing for a good hour straight during the fourth quarter and overtime.

Your turn.