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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 3-6-12

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Bill Connelly breaks down the MWC tournament

Shockingly, Boise State does NOT get any love as an upset pick. Side note, the massive, moving poster of UNLV's Mike Moser in the above picture was just to great to not use.

VCU makes it back to the big dance by upsetting Drexel in CAA championship

The Rams, who made it to the Final Four last year, will be back and everyone's pick as a Cinderella team this year. So, are they the new Gonzaga and can they be counted on for a few wins? Or are you looking another way for the upset picks this year?

More support for a 4 team playoff in college football

Even though Chuck Neinas is only the interim Big 12 commissioner, he weighed in on college football's postseason and likes the idea of the 4 team playoff. Can't Bill Hancock just announce it already? Or are they all taking forever to make the process of figuring this all out harder than it really is? That way they can all justify their salaries.