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Chris Petersen loves Jimmy Laughrea's arm, doesn't necessarily like arms in general

QB competition
QB competition

This item slipped under my radar last week because my radar does not include Idaho Sports Talk with Caves and Prater. But maybe it should. Chris Petersen was a guest on IST, and during his interview, he spoke about the Boise State quarterback competition. Tom Scott gets the radio, and he broke it down for us:

The most emphatic tone Petersen struck during the hour was when he said, "We are always going to play to our quarterback's strengths." And he acknowledged the obvious: there will be different strengths this year, as all four are capable runners.

The "play-to-your-strengths" sentiment is nice and all, but people listen to the radio for juicy nuggets of hot gossip (and free concert tickets). Give us the hot gossip.

Does Laughrea have the strongest arm of the quartet? "No question-cannon," said Petersen,

Jimmy Laughrea is Boise State's starting quarterback!

Petersen immediately added that doesn't mean a lick. "It's decision-making and accuracy."

Never mind.

The interview continued and Petersen made it clear that he would not have a starting quarterback by the end of spring football. He listed the quarterbacks in order of how much each knows of the Bronco system, but the list could also have been when each arrived at BSU. It went Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick, Laughrea, and Nick Patti.

So are we any closer to finding out who the starting quarterback is for August 31's date with Michigan State? No. But did we all get a little endorphin rush just thinking about the possibilities? Yup.

Your turn

What do you make of Coach Pete's comments? Should Laughrea's no question cannon impact the decision-making? Will Bronco knowledge be a deciding factor? Share your thoughts in the comments.