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Never too early for bowl projections, especially when Boise State is in the Sugar Bowl

It is March 26, the Boise State football team is on spring break, and the Internet is abuzz with guesses at the 2012 college football bowl pairings nine months from now. Ah, Internet. Never change.

The latest bowl projection is one that Bronco fans will be more than happy to take as cosmic premonition. How does a Boise State - Georgia Sugar Bowl sound?

The projection comes courtesy of College Football News, the wacky editorial arm of the network, and the same site that had Boise State fourth in its ranking of non-BCS teams last preseason when the rest of the free world had the Broncos first by a mile (sneak peek at this year's CFN non-BCS rankings: BYU, Louisiana Tech, Northern Illinois, and Harvard). So take the CFN prediction with a grain of salt, as you should with any bowl prediction that happens a full gestational period before bowl season.

Still, the thought of the 2012 Broncos making a BCS bowl is likely to be a thought that not many Bronco fans have entertained yet this offseason. Expectations may be more in line with those of BCS expert Jerry Palm who predicted the Broncos would win the Mountain West (yay!) and return to the Las Vegas Bowl (barf!).

So now that a pair of options are on the table, which do you think is most likely?

The interesting part about the CFN pick is the rationale behind the Broncos in the BCS. From the sound of things, the CFN bloggers think that breezing through the Mountain West and non-Michigan State teams on the schedule might be good enough for BSU:

Even with the new Mountain West, Boise State's life is much easier with TCU bolting for the Big 12. Even with a ton or retooling needing to be done, the schedule is a breeze after starting the season off at Michigan State. Only BYU at home, a trip to Southern Miss, and a regular season finale at Nevada are possible landmines. The Broncos will win all three.

So now the question becomes, if Boise State loses to Michigan State in the season opener, can the Broncos still make a BCS bowl by running the table the rest of the way? That discussion might take us awhile. Like, nine months.

Your turn

Which do you think is more likely for this year's Bronco team: BCS bowl or Vegas Bowl? Can the Broncos still make a BCS game if they only lose the season opener? Share your thoughts in the comments.