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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 3-2-12

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Boise State adds new recruit, offensive linemen Archie Lewis

Lewis is from Rancho Cucamonga in California and had expected to sign an offer from New Mexico State but the offer fell through. His dream had always been to play at Boise State, however, and the Broncos started talking to him shortly before signing day this year and eventually offered him during his campus visit last week. Lewis will grayshirt this year and join the team in 2013.

Tennis player commits secondary NCAA violation

And because Boise State is on probation, it could be a big deal except it's not. Looks like Boise State did the right thing and reported it right away so nothing to see here, folks.

President Obama sits down with Bill Simmons for the B.S. Report

He sidesteps the college football question saying he's happy to see they are moving toward a playoff. I really hope this becomes a central issue in the upcoming presidential race and Brian Williams had to ask a question about it at a debate. That would be awesome.