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Freebie Friday: SB Nation YouTube appreciation day, bobblehead giveaway

I don't endorse many things - Blizzards and Gamecubes mostly. So believe me when I say SB Nation's new Youtube page is fantastic. It is the Blizzard of YouTube pages and the Gamecube of online sports videos. I mean that in the most flattering way possible.

As evidence, take a look at the teaser for SBN's new college football show, which I plan on featuring on this here site until we get a green light on a Mr. Fiskers Crank Yankers.

In honor of the launch of SB Nation's YouTubes, I wil be giving away a free HD camcorder to everyone who comments. Wait. What's that, intern? We don't have the budget for that? We don't have a budget period? Okay then. In lieu of HD cameras, I have one collectible Kyle Wilson bobblehead for one lucky commenter.

To win, leave a comment with your favorite Boise State YouTube video or your favorite YouTube video in general. One random commenter will be chosen. Several dozen hours of free time will be wasted watching videos. Fun will be had by all.

Good luck, friends. And give the SB Nation page a shot when you're out YouTubin'.