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Boise State spring practice update: Checking in at the quarter mark of spring

With one week of practice in the books, the Boise State Broncos are already more than one quarter of the way through spring ball and Bronco Nation is t-minus 25 days and counting from seeing the new-look Broncos in person at the spring game on April 14. Be there or be square (or check in with OBNUG for the juicy details afterward).

The theme of spring ball through four practices has been control, as in Boise State's control over the information that gets out. We know little, we dream more, and we have a few hints at some lingering questions about this new Boise State football team. Here is a spring practice update at the quarter mark.

Who has the lead in the Boise State quarterback competition?

Ha! As if! This type of information has royal secret levels of mystery. No one knows how the race is going except the people who are at practice, and the people who are at practice were forced to pinky swear with Max Corbet that they wouldn't breathe a word.

We know Joe Southwick is the favorite due to seniority, we know Jimmy Laughrea has the biggest arm, and we know Nick Patti went perfect-for-perfect during a session last week (Coach Pete let that one slip). But as to who's in the lead? We'll just have to make something up. So, Bronco Nation, get ready for your new 2012 starting quarterback: Gareth Jabonski (walk-on Jared Zabransky doppelganger).

Who will be playing defensive end?

Looks like redshirt freshman Sam Ukwuachu will be a frontrunner. He had two picks a practice ago and was named one of Chadd Cripe's Most Beautiful People of Spring Practice. He is listed at 6'5", 215 pounds, so he's long and lean as opposed to thick and Tyrone Crawford-like. Still, he'll be one to keep an eye on at spring practice. FYI, he wears No. 82 and looks like this:


Has Boise State solved its kicking problems?

TBD. The kicking competition this spring features last year's underwhelming duo of Dan Goodale and Michael Frisina and the guy who couldn't beat out either Goodale or Frisina, Jake Van Ginkel. In the fall, true freshman Sean Wale joins the party. It's a pretty lame party.

What about the safety position?

No word yet, but I think it's safe to go ahead and write Lee Hightower onto your depth chart in permanent marker.

How are the new coaches working out?

Well, there have been no emergency calls to Dan Hawkins, so I think Boise State has been pleased with its new coaching staff. Coach Pete even ran the crew through a practice of practice so that the new guys would be prepared for practice.

Is Boise State going to be okay?

Yes. The Broncos have had a great first week of practice, according to reports, and those are the same reports that have been critical of practices by better Bronco teams of the past. This year's crew may look a lot different, but four practices into the season, we can say for certain and beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 2012 Boise State football team will not be Colorado State.

Give me something to look forward to. The spring game is too far away.

This Thursday, Boise State holds its on-campus Pro Day for last year's seniors, and then Friday, the team has its first scrimmage of the spring, which is closed to the public but not to people who look strangely like Dave Southorn and have self-laminated Idaho Press-Tribune press passes (it's worth trying).

Your turn

What do you think of Boise State's performance so far this spring? Wish you had more information? Excited to see this Sam Ukwuachu guy? Share your thoughts in the comments.