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Boise State spring practice report: Anonymous passing highlights and more

The highlights of Boise State's third day of spring practice included a 50-yard touchdown reception by receiver Troy Ware, two interceptions by redshirt freshman defensive end Samuel Ukwuachu (one of which he returned for a score), and two nice plays by sophomore linebacker Blake Renaud, including a pick in seven-on-seven drills. The quarterbacks who threw the passes, both good and bad, shall remain nameless.

In other, more descriptive news ...

Dan Paul benchpresses nearly three Chris Potters

Paul, the Boise State fullback with the cheese grater abs, is not participating in spring practice just yet, but that didn't keep him from recently bench pressing 405 pounds. Men want to be him, women want to keep him around to use as a small-size sport utility vehicle.


New college football touchback rule gets Boise State coaches thinking

Touchbacks in college football will now come out the 25-yard-line as opposed to the 20 because, like so many other things in college football, "if it ain't broke, go ahead and fix it." Tom Scott Slant reports that Coach Pete and Co. are considering what to do - kick it deep and let other teams take over a quarter of the way to the end zone or pop it up to the two-yard-line and let God decide (God in this scenario is special teams hammer Corey Bell).

There's a flip side, too. Should Boise State returners be taking kicks out of the end zone when they get a guaranteed 25 yards just for taking a knee? I bet Titus Young has some thoughts on this.

Miscellany ...

Boise State players wore shoulder pads today, which meant they got to hit each other for the first time this spring. Tomorrow's practice will be full pads, so watch out, Michael Frisina.

Chadd Cripe broke down the fullbacks and tight ends today with input from position coach Scott Huff. The biggest takeaway: The Broncos need a blocking tight end. Dan Paul might be it on occasion, but Huff thinks someone else will emerge before spring ball is over. Dibs on Kyle Sosnowski.

Your turn

What do you think Boise State should do with the 25-yard touchback rule? Think we'll ever hear a Boise State quarterback's name spoken again? Share your thoughts in the comments.