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Boise State will end its Bronco Stock program

Bronco Stock
Bronco Stock

The Bronco Stock program, which began as a much-ballyhooed fundraising plan that would buoy the future of Boise State athletics, will end in a furtive whimper with the Bronco Stock board of directors deciding to dissolve the organization due to declining interest. Catch the fascinating E:60 story thirty years from now with reenactments featuring Zac Efron as Gene Bleymaier.

The stock program was introduced by Bleymaier in November 2009 and allowed fans to purchase shares at $100 a pop. There was no dividend sharing or profit to be made off the stock, just an annual meeting for shareholders and the satisfaction that Boise State football fans could someday say they helped build that giant horseshoe stadium.

The funds that were obtained went toward the new men's and women's basketball lockerrooms.

The letter to Bronco Stock stockholders left open the possibility that the organization could be saved and that it would require a two-thirds majority of voters to proceed with dissolution. Just kidding, though. Before the letter was sent, there was already more than two-thirds majority of votes, most likely from the donors residing on the board of directors who had the most shares to begin with. The letter included a voting form, for kicks and giggles I guess.

I am sad to see the Bronco Stock program go because it granted the illusion of access to normal Boise State fans like me. I am not a big-money donor, but I felt like one when I owned a piece of Bronco stock. Two offseasons ago, I attended the annual shareholders meeting (there was no meeting last year) and actually asked Chris Petersen a question, out loud, in front of witnesses. It remains a highlight of my life.

Supposedly new athletic director Mark Coyle has bigger and better ideas than Bronco Stock. I just hope that one of those ideas has the same spirit as the stock program.

Your turn

What do you think about the dissolution of Bronco Stock? Did you own any shares? Are you sad to see it go? Share your thoughts in the comments.