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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 3-15-12

DJ Harper gearing up for his time to shine

Harper is coming off his first healthy, full year since Kellen Moore was a freshman. Now he's looking to pick up the work load left by Doug Martin. Good luck, DJ. We're all rooting for you.

Mock college football playoff bracket based on 64 teams

At least someone's mind is in the right place in March -- college football! Jason Kirk puts together everyone's dream bracket and not just because Boise State gets a #1 seed. Likewise, our friends at Playoff PAC put together college football's anthem, One Shoddy Moment. Well done, guys.

Dustin Lapray sighting on OBNUG Facebook page

He thanks us for the love in the Boise State people tournament bracket and proceeds to get nostalgic on Boise State practice. We miss you too, Dustin!

Brent Pease says he doesn't miss the Blue Turf

He said is was "hard on the eyes". In other news, Brent Pease is a traitor and is dead to me. I know he had money on the TCU game and threw it. It all makes sense now.

Join OBNUG's NCAA Tourney Pick 'Em

You've only got hours left to get your picks in. If you're having trouble making your picks, check out EDSBS' approach based off football teams.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to reader and wannabe player Bigbaloo. We hear you. We wish we could still get out their ourselves.