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Boise State spring practice report: Let's talk offensive line. Just kidding. Let's talk quarterbacks.

Offensive line coach Chris Strausser was made available to the media today, so the practice reports for Boise State football's second day of spring were decidedly big and ugly. Strausser is pleased with his group of linemen, a group that does not include Joe Kellogg, Cory Yriarte, and Jake Broyles all of whom are sitting out the spring with injuries - probably fake ones, too, because everyone knows linemen don't want to practice any more than is absolutely necessary.

But enough about linemen. It's been almost 24 hours since our last quarterback competition fix. Hit me, Chadd Cripe!

The defense bounced back after the quarterbacks were the stars of the first practice. On back-to-back plays, linebacker J.C. Percy intercepted a tipped pass and linebacker Tommy Smith stepped in front of a receiver to break up a pass.

And ... ?

Sorry, folks. That's all we get today. The identity of the QBs who threw those ill-fated passes will remain a mystery (my guess: a visiting Bush Hamdan), and so our daily quarterback competition update shall remain un-updated. The order still goes Joe Southwick, then everyone else, with emergency quarterback Mike Atkinson bringing up the rear.

Coach Pete took to the podium yesterday for his first press conference of the spring, during which he was grilled about the quarterback situation, revealing nothing more than that people are competing and are "awesome." Listen to the full 30-minute press conference below, if you'd like.

(original audio link)

Miscellany ...

Former offensive tackle starter Michael Ames is practicing at guard, which makes him an excellent candidate for the defensive line in the fall.

With Yriarte out for the spring, junior Matt Paradis will see significant time in the starting lineup. And you know what that means? Kentucky waterfalls are back in style!


Redshirt freshman Rees Odhiambo is playing second string at left tackle behind Faraji Wright, so consider him part of the tackle competition this fall. At last check, Odhiambo was 6'4", 302 pounds, but keep in mind that Boise may have an additional Chick-fil-a by fall camp.

Your turn

What did you learn from Day Two of Bronco practice? Any theories on which QBs threw the tipped passes? Will you be rockin' the Paradis this spring? Share your thoughts in the comments.