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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 3-14-12

Quarterbacks looked sharp in second spring practice

Coach Pete said they were ready to compete for the vacant (/tear) QB spot. He had praise for Southwick who was sharp and said that newcomer Patti only had one incomplete pass that came off a drop.

Video: Doug Martin profile from NFL Films (HT: TDown)

Doug sells himself in this interview and I'm buying but unfortunately I don't have that much money. So hopefully he's making a good impression on those whose opinions count. Doug is now preparing for Boise State's Pro Day next Thursday where he's decided not to rerun the 40.

Make sure to enter our NCAA Tourney Pick 'Em

You have until the start of tomorrow's games to enter but don't wait until the last minute when the site will probably be slammed and you might not be able to get in. Now who thinks BYU is the next VCU after their comeback win last night?