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The tournament bracket of Boise State media people

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Tomorrow's NCAA tournament and my loads of free time got me to thinking: What would a tournament bracket look like if it were filled with members of the Boise State media universe?

I think it would look something like this:


(Click to enlarge or to print out and second guess my picks in the Homer Region.)

The tournament bracket of Boise State media people contains anyone and everyone even loosely associated with journalism and Boise State. From Idaho Statesman lifers to ESPN bloviaters to former Vandals turned soap opera actors, the bracket is a battle royale of Boise State media royalty. And the winner is ...

Tom Scott! Mr. Slant survived the Meatball Region, pulling upsets over Brian Murphy, Paul J. Schneider, and Chadd Cripe to make his way to the final where he slay the mighty Pat Forde in the championship.

Other highlights of the made-up tourney included

  • Sixteen-seed Dustin Lapray making the Elite Eight after pulling a first round upset over Bruce Feldman. His Sweet Sixteen showdown with fellow Cinderella Mr. Fiskers was epic right up until the final minutes when Mr. Fiskers went into a hypoglycemic nap.
  • Holly Anderson upset three-seed Craig James in the tournament's first round. Good on her.
  • Max Corbet bested Ryan Larrondo. Corbet remains undefeated against the KTVB sports anchor.
  • Mark Johnson had his hands full with a Bleacher Report slideshow in the round of 64.

Check the full version of the bracket for all the other details and matchups, and share your favorite in the comments.

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