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Boise State spring practice begins, in a vacuum apparently

Boise State football began spring practice today. Allegedly.

We'll have to use our imaginations to fill out the rest. Nice 180-yard touchdown pass, Jimmy Laughrea!

Chadd Cripe's Idaho Statesman report adds that the passing game looked "sharp" and that new QB coach Jonathan Smith thought "the pace was really good" and "there was some timing." Dave Southorn wrote a practice recap that admittedly lacked much capping. He liked Jimmy Laughrea's arm and Nick Patti's feet. As you can tell, there were no Pulitzers for reporting won today.

Part of the reason for the sparse updates is a kind request by Boise State of the media not to report the minutiae of the Bronco quarterback derby. It's understandable, seeing as how Joe Southwick, Grant Hedrick, Jimmy Laughrea, and Nick Patti are college kids who are practicing football seven-and-a-half months before a real game. On the other hand, my life and the lives of thousands of others kind of revolves around Boise State football, so it would be nice to know something - anything - about who did what. Did Joe Southwick check down every single pass attempt? Can you give me a hint?

(And yes, crazies like me are probably the reason why practices are closed to the public. I would be breaking down practice tape right now, if I had access and a hidden bandana camera.)

Nick Patti is the new George Iloka, and more ...

Dave Southorn took notes on the jersey numbers of the new Boise State players. Here is his field guide:

  • QB Nick Patti - No. 8 (previously worn by George Iloka)
  • LB Tyler Gray - No. 36 (Aaron Tevis)
  • TE Hayden Plinke - No. 80 (Kyle Efaw)
  • TE Connor Peters - No. 89 (Tyler Shoemaker)
  • DE Demarcus Lawrence - No. 92 (Shea McClellin)
  • DL Elliot Hoyte - No. 96 (Jarrell Root)

Plan your jersey purchases accordingly.

Miscellany ...

The Boise State coaches thought about bulking up Dillon Lukehart to play linebacker before thinking better of it and putting him at safety. Good news for Lukehart, bad news for Chuck Wagon.

Pete Kwiatkowski sounds excited about JUCO defensive end Demarcus Lawrence.

Consensus from practice was that the Broncos got off to a good start. Who knew that 80-some-odd college kids were morning people?

Your turn

What practice news did you find most exciting? How do you feel about Boise State's request to limit reporting on QB things? Which new player jersey do you most covet? Share your thoughts in the comments.