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When will the Boise State basketball team win again?

The Boise State men's basketball team is on a bit of a slide - like, an all-of-2012 slide. They have yet to win in the new year and have yet to win a Mountain West Conference game. Their current eight-game losing streak has to end some time. I think. Right? ... Right?

The Broncos have seven games left against MWC teams that have all beat the Broncos already this season. There has to be a win in there somewhere, if only for the fact that it is extremely hard to lose 15 in a row especially since Greg Graham never did that. Here is what's on tap for the Broncos the rest of the way. See if you can spot the win.

  • Saturday, @ Air Force
  • Feb. 15, vs. Colorado State
  • Feb. 18 vs. TCU
  • Feb. 22 @ UNLV
  • Feb. 25 @ Wyoming
  • Feb. 29 vs. San Diego State
  • March 3, @ New Mexico

If the Broncos happen to win out, they would be 17-12 and at least make some postseason tournaments think about including them, if only because BSU would have beaten No. 13 UNLV and No. 17 San Diego State along the way. But Roberto Bergersen is not coming out of that lockerroom, so I think it's safe to say that Bronco basketball fans are just rooting for a couple of wins at this point.

Where might those wins come from? I like Boise State's chances against TCU, a team the Broncos had on the ropes in Fort Worth but couldn't close the deal. The Broncos should have better luck at the Big Taco.

Your turn

Where do you think the Broncos' next win will come from? What has been the biggest problem for BSU during this losing streak? Have you given up on basketball season? Share your thoughts in the comments.