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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-6-12

Basketball suffers 8th straight loss with loss to New Mexico

The guys fell to New Mexico 65-49 on Saturday. They are now 0-7 in MWC play. Time to regroup and save your legs for the conference tournament! I mean it can only go up from here, right?

Bob Kustra shoots down Boise State moving to the Big East in 2012 rumors

He says it's too late for a move that soon. That's probably true. Well, hopefully those rumors about the Big East still wanting Air Force pan out then.

Big 10 coaches irked at Urban Meyer's recruiting tactics

Apparently in the Big 10, there has been an unspoken agreement to not go after another school's committed recruit. Well, Urban Meyer doesn't subscribe to this theory and some coaches aren't happy that he flipped some recruits. I kind of side with Meyer but the scary thing about all this is that Ohio State is going to be good again and real soon. I an almost hear ESPN beating the Buckeye drum already. Ugh.

West Virginia still banking on being in the Big 12 in 2012

The tricky thing for them if it goes their way, is that they will have to drop a non conference game since they will be going from an 8 game schedule to a 9 game schedule. Looks like their previously scheduled game with Florida State will be the casualty. Maybe the Noles wouldn't mind a little cross country trip to play on The Blue next year?

Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday to reader BleedBlue75 whose birthday was on Saturday. Hopefully your day fared better than the basketball team's day!

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