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Freebie Friday: Win this Liberty Bowl t-shirt relic


Freebie Friday is back this week with an old school giveaway: A super fly Liberty Bowl t-shirt (people said "super fly" back in 2004, right?). This t-shirt relic screams, "I have been a Bronco fan for a very long time and know more about BSU than you!" and has that certain ironic hipster charm to it. And it can be yours for the low, low price of free.

How to win it: Super Bowl prop bets. Leave a comment with your prediction for either of the following prop bets:

  • Who gets more rushing yards: Tom Brady or Eli Manning?
  • How long will Kelly Clarkson's national anthem be: over/under 1 minute, 34 seconds?

I'll choose a random entry after the big game on Sunday, and that random entry will be the proud owner of the Liberty Bowl t-shirt (sized large, homespun with the high expectations of Louisville fans). Good luck, friends.

Last week's winner

We have an XZipit office chair winner. Scores of you left comments on XZipit's Twitter and Facebook pages explaining your varying degrees of desperateness for a super fly office chair (there I go again). I chose a winner at random, and that winner was Ryan Baker, who left his comment via Facebook. Here is that comment:


On behalf of XZipit, let me just say that we are glad to help initiate an entire high school with Boise State chair propaganda. Congrats, Ryan. Let us know how to get in touch with you so we can get you that chair.