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Pre-combine scouting reports on Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, and the rest of Boise State's invitees

The NFL Scouting Combine begins tomorrow and continues for the next week, and seven - count 'em, seven! - Boise State players will be in attendance. Better get yourself the NFL Network to follow along.

Doug Martin has a chance to become the No. 2 running back in the draft, Shea McClellin could cement his status as a top-flight 3-4 outside linebacker, and Kellen Moore will continue to get scrutinized ad nauseum only this time in his boxer-briefs.

For a preview of what's to come and what's to overcome for the Boise State Seven, continue reading after the jump.

Note: All scouting reports and projections are courtesy of CBS Sports.


Kellen Moore's current draft projection is as the 12th-best quarterback and in the 200s of top prospects overall. Ha! What do experts know? Here is some of what those experts are saying:

Highly intelligent and has been extremely productive, making very few mental mistakes. Very smart and plays like an offensive coordinator on the field.

Lack of height, measureables and overall size are huge red flags. Looks diminutive in the huddle. Lacks the arm strength to drive the ball downfield to keep defenses honest; throws too many rainbows/soft-tosses and lacks the cannon to zip the ball all over the field and threaten secondaries deep. Only an average athlete and has limited mobility; doesn?t have the legs to consistently evade pressure. Funky mechanics, making too many passes off his back foot with his momentum going backwards; has several habits that work for him.

NFL Comparison: Chase Daniel, New Orleans Saints

Goals at the NFL Combine: Throw an out route that will make scouts' knees weak, run faster than Rich Eisen in the 40-yard dash, heel implants (for height, not cosmetics), talk to any coach or scout for even two minutes and they will realize how wonderful he is.


Doug Martin is currently the No. 4 running back in the draft and a Top 50 prospect overall. Scouts like him. Scouts like these:

Bowling-ball runner between the tackles. Flashes a burst into and out of the hole. Good acceleration and straight-line speed to break off long runs. Low center of gravity, strong lean, and powerful legs let him bull through arm and shoulder tackles. Rarely goes out of bounds (unless time requires), cuts inside tacklers to get extra yardage.

Goals at the NFL Combine: Pretty much be himself, run fast, run hard, don't make any apologies for making other NFL prospects look like hot garbage.


Shea McClellin is listed by CBS as an outside linebacker where is the No. 9 OLB and No. 64 prospect overall. Not bad for a kid from Caldwell. Here is more about what the scouts think:

Plays fast with very good football quickness and agile footwork. A high effort and energy rusher who plays with obvious passion and intensity. Country strong and very physical, welcoming contact. Fights and works hard to find a way to beat blockers. Not an elite athlete. Has only average functional size and strength, lacking the natural power and length to overwhelm blockers at the next level.

Goals at the NFL Combine: Be better than all the other outside linebackers, show a desire to pick up new techniques and drills quickly, name-drop Korey Hall a whole lot.


Billy Winn is the No. 8 defensive end on the CBS board and the No. 66 prospect overall. Scouts like his "violent" body parts:

Rarely the first player off the snap, even when lined up over the ball, but his length, effort and short-area quickness still pressures double teams or penetrate gaps. Quarterbacks and ballcarriers feel his strength when he plants them in the backfield. Uses violent hands to rip off or punch off blocks, though he could be more consistent against better linemen. Forces offensive lineman to hold, often penalties are not called. Gets most sacks with effort, not an elite first step.

Goals at the NFL Combine: Score well in whatever that drill is that measures quickness (the three-cone? the four-cone? the sno-cone?), interview well with scouts and coaches to alleviate concerns about effort, break a blocking dummy in two with his hands.


George Iloka is CBS's favorite free safety prospect, which could mean big things if NFL teams suddenly want themselves a safety. He is a Top 70 prospect overall. No one bothered writing a scouting report on him, though, so I'm not sure what that's about.

Goals at the NFL Combine: Catch all the balls that come his way in drills, show flexibility since he's a tall dude playing a short dude's position.


Nate Potter has fallen to the No. 13 tackle prospect and No. 143 overall, this after being on Kiper's Big Board not too long ago. No worries. Nothing a sensational scouting combine performance can't fix.

Tall, reliable, though relatively slight and technically raw, pass protector. Knee bend is lacking and plays with a narrow base. Stops his feet after initial contact too often. Stronger ends get their hands into his chest to push him backwards when he's too slow to punch, though he typically anchors after a couple of steps and pushes back. Excellent agility for his size, capable of acting as a personal pass protector or getting out in front of wide runs to his side. Intelligent player

Goals at the NFL Combine: Score well in the agility drills, ace the Wunderlic, hope there's some sort of academic bowl for big uglies.


Tyrone Crawford is the No. 11 defensive end and in the Top 115 of overall prospects. He's Canadian, which scouts don't seem to hold against him:

Looks the part with a strong, defined frame and good length. High effort rusher and works through the whistle. Relentless worker, fighting off blocks and battling to the ballcarrier. Has strong hands and holds his own at the point of attack. Not a quick-twitch player who will consistently threaten the edge. Has limited explosive qualities and lacks great initial burst or overall range for the position

Goals at the NFL Combine: Show some quick burst in drills, obliterate the guy holding the blocking dummies, discover a decades' worth of football footage on himself from his youth, hope there's an eight-pin bowling tournament.

Your turn

Do you agree with the scouts' perceptions of the Boise State players? Who do you think has the most to gain at the Combien? Who will perform best? Share your thoughts in the comments.