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Boise State football recruiting: Looking ahead to the year 2015


The 2012 Boise State recruiting class was a good one, but how good it is might not be known until many years later, nless someone had a way of seeing into the speculative future. Hey, wait. I have a blog. I can speculate about future things all I want.

Here now is a look into the future and what the 2012 recruiting class might be up to in 2015.

Senior quarterback and four-year starter Nick Patti is threatening the career passing yardage mark at Boise State. Washington Redskins Pro Bowl quarterback Kellen Moore sends a congratulatory text.

Jack Fields plays D.J. Harper to Jay Ajayi's Doug Martin.

Demarcus Lawrence is in the NFL, making life miserable on grizzled veteran quarterbacks like Tim Tebow.

Christopher Santini is in jail for accidentally maiming someone on a tackle.

Fresh off an all-Big East season, linebacker Ben Weaver is Boise State's defensive captain and a Big East defensive MVP candidate. Mark Johnson calls Weaver "Korey Hall" about a billion times.

Mario Yakoo weighs 500 pounds and is an Outland Trophy finalist.

Sean Wale is the team's kicker-punter after Bronco Nation ran Jake Van Ginkel out of town for missing a spring practice PAT. Wale develops nervous tics in both eyes and one nostril.

England recruit Elliot Hoyte gets written up in a national story as the pioneer for Boise State's U.K.-themed roster that features nine Englishmen and a Scot. Boise State makes an offer to the three-year-old son of Prince William, Bernard.

The NCAA rules all Englishman ineligible due to an intrastate Ford Explorer investigation.

Shane Rhodes records his sixth punt return touchdown in a non-conference game against new WAC Member BYU Idaho.

Replacing All-American safety Lee Hightower, Chancellor James leads the team in tackles and comparisons to George Iloka.

Travis Averill, Steven Baggett, and Mario Yakoo combine with Rees Odhiambo and Marcus Henry on the offensive line to lead Boise State's rushing attack into the Top 20 in the country. Offensive line coach Thomas Byrd is thrilled.

D.J. Dean's three touchdown receptions highlight Boise State's win over FCS member Idaho. The win is the Broncos' 13th straight in the series.

Your turn

What do you think will happen in the future to this Bronco recruiting class? Any bold predictions? Share your thoughts in the comments.