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Freebie Friday: Boise State earmuffs, Facebook edition


The OBNUG commentariat was so stoked for last week's giveaway of Boise State earmuffs that I thought I may as well give them away again. That, and last week's winner never claimed them. Benefit from the misfortune (and poor emailing) of others!

At stake is a pair of those stylish, black, orange, and blue ear toasters pictured above. They wrap around the back of your head so as not to give you earmuff hair (very underrated feature).

And here's how to win them: Leave a comment on OBNUG's Facebook page about your strangest piece of Boise State paraphernalia. Bonus points for pictures. I'll pick one random entry on Monday morning, and the earmuffs will be yours/his/hers.

If you really can't stand Facebook or are a Luddite who makes exceptions for Boise State blogs, then you can share your Bronco curio in the comments of this post, and I'll throw those into the random draw as well.

Good luck to you all. Let's hear about your weird stuff!