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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-15-12

Karl Benson leaves WAC to become Sun Belt commissioner

Color me surprised. He must be thinking that the WAC is in serious trouble if he's making that move. Or maybe this is just the first of a WAC/Sun Belt merger? Who knows these days.

A look at Boise State basketball's Australian connection

Nick Jezierny has a nice profile on the two Australian players and Australian coach on Boise State's roster.Anthony Drmic and Igor Hadziomerovic have both had immediate impacts on the team. Great job by Leon Rice to think outside the box.

Beat Coach Pete scheduled for April 14th

Registration is limited to 2,000 runners/joggers and 1,500 walkers. But if Coach Pete is high fiving everyone that crosses the finish line as the picture suggests, you know that registration will fill up quickly. Would it be okay to swap a high five for hug?