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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-14-12

Happy Valentine's Day, OBNUGgers!

Hope Chris Myers is nowhere near you and your loved one tonight to spoil any surprises!

Now let's get back to sports:

Gordon Gee open to a playoff

Our favorite Little Sisters of the Poor hater, Gordon Gee, started talking on a radio station yesterday and said he'd be open to hearing ideas about a playoff. When asked why he had changed his mind on this topic, Gee responded with "the world changes". I think the world has been ready for a playoff for a long time.

MWC and CUSA merger officially a go

When this was first announced last fall, it seemed incredibly desperate but I have to give Craig Thompson some credit for probably seeing Boise State leaving at first chance and doing anything he could to make his conference more attractive. Now whether or not this decision pushed Boise State out of the league or if this merger makes either conference more attractive is still up for debate. But I guess it's better than standing pat.

Boise State to ask for permission for $17.5 million bond for new football facility

The State Board of Education will have to approve it, but they have already raised $4.5 million in private gifts and pledges for the new construction.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to current player and native Dutchman Geraldo Boldewijn. If your birthday is on Valentine's Day, does that get you off the hook for doing something for your significant other?