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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-13-12

Boise State basketball looks to build on win

The guys finally notched their first conference win on Saturday with a win over Air Force. This week they'll be hosting Colorado State on Wednesday then TCU on Saturday and will be looking to avenge losses to both. Team doctors have cleared Jeff Elorriaga and Igor Hadziomerovic to return.

Should Boise State move to the Big East for next season?

Brian Murphy thinks so. Schedules still haven't been released for all leagues so changes could be made. The Big East could funnel part of West Virginia's $20 million exit fee ($10 million via a loan from the Big 12) to Boise State to help alleviate any financial impact of a move this late in the season. If it could work, I'd be all for it.

Memphis bringing FedEx with them to the Big East

FedEx is based in Memphis, in case you missed Castaway, and has been a long time supporter of Memphis athletics. Now the Big East will be eyeing FedEx for additional Big East sponsorships.