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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 2-10-12

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West Virginia, Big East agree to $20 million buyout

Everyone has a price and West Virginia found the Big East's. After a long wait and much posturing the two sides agreed to West Virginia leaving and joining the Big 12 this year. The $20 million is nice, but that leaves a hole in the Big East's schedule. We know what Kustra has recently said about playing in the Big East next year, but last night Brian Murphy reported that the WAC is prepared to accommodate Boise State's non-football sports next year. Now is the time to find out what Boise State and Kustra's price is.

Bill Connelly looks at how returning starters affect a team's momentum

Boise State is an interesting case to predict how they'll do next year considering how successful the team has been over the last decade or so with only mild declines. However, history isn't on Boise State's side for how they should fare next year, but that's no surprise. I do like Bill's comparison of 2012 Boise State to 2011 TCU. I could see them struggling out of the gate but finding themselves midseason. Of course, that's my worst case scenario instead of other people's best case.

NCAA proposes change to kickoffs among other rules

The proposal is to move the kickoff line from the 30 to the 35 yard line and decrease the running distance to kick to 5 yards to prevent kicking it further. The touch back line would be moved to the 25 yard line. I understand trying to make kick offs safer but I also like that they have tried to limit touch backs by limiting the running start kickers get and making touch backs more costly. What do you guys think?