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Signing day: Boise State's 2012 recruiting class overview and what else to expect

Happy Signing Day, Bronco fans. This post serves as your jumping off point for a day of rumor-mongering, recruit watching, webcasting, and praying that Boise State gets all the recruits it wants and several of the recruits that idaho wanted. The 2012 recruiting class is mostly set, but there are sure to be some last-minute additions before all is said and done at Coach Pete's press conference at 1:45 p.m. MT this afternoon.

Until then, here's what to watch for today:

  • DE Dylan Cozens will make his announcement at 10:00 a.m. via webcast on the Fox Sports Arizona website.
  • DE Darien Barrett will make his choice official between Boise State and San Diego State during a morning announcement at his school.
  • Who else is in? The Broncos are always good for a surprise or two on signing day. Names like CB Ryan Santos and DT Aaron Curry are possibilities, although the mere fact that I mentioned them probably means that Boise State isn't interested. The Broncos take surprises seriously.
  • Recruits be decommitting. As responsible people like Dave Tester are loathe to point out, 18-year-old kids can be indecisive. Will any Bronco commits get cold feet? Rumor has it that LB Ben Weaver got an offer from dream school Texas A&M and RB Devan Demas fielded a call from Oregon.

As of this moment, the Broncos have 21 players in their 2012 recruiting class. See below for the full list in spiffy spreadsheet form. If you have trouble viewing, go directly to the spreadsheet page.

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Happy recruiting. Go Broncos!