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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-7-12


Big East commissioner Mike Aresco addresses conference schedules and television talks

An earlier report said the Big East's new TV deal could be worth as little as $60 million. Aresco dismissed that saying that they haven't even gotten into that phase of the negotiations yet. After Rutgers and Louisville announced they were leaving, that created a delay in those negotiations. He did say that six TV networks were interested and expected to get to valuations very soon. Also he said that 2013 conference games and locations will be announced next week, although dates and times will be determined later.

A look at what players are doing with their bowl gifts

This story takes a look at the increasing demand for bowls to provide female themed gifts to bowl participants. Coaches wives and cheerleaders are one demographic they are trying to serve but another one is for those in the players' lives that they want to give Christmas presents too. Considering all the revenue that these kids are generating for all presidents, bowl directors and commissioners above them, I think it's a cool story.

College Football Talk gives a prediction on the Las Vegas Bowl

And they are not too keen on Washington playing away from home.