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Play OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em

Chris Graythen

What is bowl season without an opportunity to rub it in your friends' faces how good you are at picking winners of mostly random, meaningless games?

Play OBNUG Bowl Pick 'Em, and you will get your chance at friend one-upmanship. Not only that, but you might win a prize. The overall winner of the OBNUG Pick 'Em group will score a free pair of Society 43 Boise State glasses. You will be the coolest Nick Patti fan on the planet (I assume you are a Nick Patti fan, right?).


* note: color/style may vary seeing as I can't remember which color/style I have in the prize chest

Head over to the OBNUG Pick 'Em group at ESPN to enter your bowl picks and assign confidence points. Assign what-idence points? Confidence points. Basically, you get to rank each of your picks according to how likely you think you'll be right. For example, Stanford is going to wipe the floor with Wisconsin. You are most confident of this, so you would assign this game the maximum 35 points (the max is 35 because there are 35 bowls - holy cow, there are 35 bowls!).

Picks lock before each game, so you can waffle right up until kickoff of Nevada - Arizona. I advise you get your confidence points figured out from the start, though, keeping in mind that this advice comes from a man who has never finished in the top 50 percent of bowl Pick 'Em.

Good luck to everyone, and I do not mean that at all. Kevan's entry FTW!


Eliminator update: Our regular season picking contest ended with a three-way tie for first place and only one Deuce brand watch to give away. Hence, the three-way tie will be broken this weekend with Army vs. Navy. If you were a part of the tie, Nick will notify you by e-mail. For the rest of us, better luck next year, and hopefully we'll find a good way to cheat by then.