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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 12-4-12

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Otto Kitsinger III

Southwick's game has been steadily improving down the stretch

Over the last three games, Southwick has a 70.7% completion rate with 7 TD's and 0 interceptions. He has raised his passer rating to 141.51 overall. He's even added a wrinkle being able to scramble when needed. Looks like Southwick and OC Robert Prince have been able to meld and play much better football.

Titus Young sent home again, future with Lions could be done

This has a been a frustrating story to watch. Young has so much potential and was realizing some of it this year as he seemed to be playing as we expected. However, an preseason fight with teammate Louis Delmas was not the slight hiccup we all hoped for. After his antics in the Green Bay game, Young was sent home. Amazingly coach Schwartz seemed to give him another chance and he appeared back at practice but that was short lived when he was sent home again. Hopefully someone can get through to Titus.

Louisiana Tech AD not having a good week

Bruce Van De Velde is not off to a great start this week. Sunday Louisiana Tech ended up without a bowl game because they refused to play University of Louisiana Monroe. Now Van De Velde is having to answer questions about his coach, Sonny Dykes, possibly going elsewhere. I appreciate his candor about being straight forward with Louisiana Tech's financial offerings to keep Dykes and even him throwing out San Jose State coach Mike Macintyre as an alternative to anyone looking at Dykes. Even though, you can tell he's feeling a bit defeated this week.